CLC Kanchankunj Commemorates Annual Day

The Community Learning Centre (CLC) in Kanchakunj, Delhi, joyously celebrated its Annual Day-2023, marked by a series of vibrant festivities. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from learners in the presence of local community leaders and social workers.

The CLC, an impactful initiative of the Human Welfare Foundation, is committed to imparting basic education to out-of-school children, preparing them for formal education, and offering coaching to both dropout and school-going children. The primary goal is to equip children with fundamental literacy and education, subsequently facilitating their enrollment in nearby schools. Additionally, these centres extend their reach by providing essential vocational training to women and adults.

At the core of the CLC’s philosophy are four of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This underscores the program’s commitment to addressing key global challenges and contributing to a sustainable and inclusive future.

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