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HWF is dedicated to expanding educational opportunities throughout the country. Our efforts encompass establishing new schools, enhancing the capacity of existing ones, providing scholarships for higher education, and offering career guidance through the newly established Centre for Training and Educational Guidance (CTAG). We firmly believe that education is not only a fundamental human right but also a crucial means to combat child labor and poverty.

At HWF, our primary goal is to re-engage children who have dropped out of school, renovate and construct schools and educational facilities, and foster a nurturing learning environment. We achieve these objectives by collaborating directly with local communities to ensure that our educational initiatives are tailored to their specific needs.

Educational Campuses

Human Welfare Foundation currently operates in six campuses spread across five states: Delhi, Haryana, West Bengal, Assam, and Jharkhand. Our vision is to see these campuses evolve into vibrant hubs of education and training, with a clear focus on addressing the educational and developmental needs of underprivileged segments of society who have long been deprived of affordable and quality services.

Through these campuses, we aim to create a transformative educational ecosystem that goes beyond traditional classroom learning. We aspire to provide comprehensive support and services that extend beyond textbooks and lectures, catering to the holistic well-being of the communities we serve.

In our pursuit of this vision, we are committed to offering affordable and high-quality education to those who may not have had access to such opportunities in the past. This includes not only academic education but also practical skills training, career guidance, and personal development programs. We understand that these services are essential for empowering individuals and communities to break the cycle of poverty and realize their full potential.

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Access to education is a cornerstone of social progress and human development. It’s not merely a basic human right, but also a crucial instrument for addressing multifaceted global issues, such as child labor and poverty.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of education. We recognize that, all too often, children drop out of the educational system due to various circumstances, depriving them of opportunities for personal growth and development. Consequently, these children often find themselves trapped in the cycle of child labor, perpetuating the vicious cycle of poverty.

To break this cycle, we implement a multi-faceted approach. First and foremost, we endeavor to bring dropout children back into the educational fold. By doing so, we provide them with a chance to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to escape the clutches of child labor and improve their future prospects.

We also invest in the physical infrastructure needed to support education. This includes constructing schools and developing educational facilities that meet modern standards, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment. We understand that the quality of the learning environment has a significant impact on a child’s ability to succeed in their studies.

Currently, Human Welfare Foundation operates seven schools in different states, touching the lives of countless children and communities. These schools are not just centers of learning; they are beacons of hope, representing our unwavering commitment to combating child labor and alleviating poverty through education.

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Capacity Building of New Schools

Lots of studies have confirmed the fact that school infrastructure plays a vital role in the education and development of a student. There is a large number of schools in the country without even basic infrastructures. Our School Capacity Building Project aims at rehabilitating such schools by adopting or providing them with the necessary funds to develop their basic minimum infrastructure.

In 2021, 16 schools across the country were assisted- 32 classrooms, 1 hostel building, furniture (for 3 schools), 1 computer centre, 1 principal room, 1 staff room, 18 toilets.

  • Anjuman Noorul Islam, Mahidpur, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
  • Mother Ayesha Public School, Jhansi,Uttar Pradesh
  • Falah-e-Aam Junior High School, Tiyala, Hapur,Uttar Pradesh
  • Dakshin Dinajpur School, Dinajpur,West Bengal
  • Star Modern Public School, Shikrawa, Haryana
  • Al Huda Public School, Uttawar, Hathin, Haryana
  • B H Modern School, Pinangwa, Punhana,Haryana
  • Al Hilal Public School, Shikrawa, Haryana
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Merit Cum Means Scholarship

UG & PG Scholarship

Every year, Human Welfare Foundation provides undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to needy students from minority and backward communities across the country based on their academic performances, economic background, and social commitment. Additionally, HWF provides special scholarships for outstanding students for their higher studies in premier institutes in India and abroad. So far, we have given scholarships to more than 8200+ students

UG Scholarship: INR 10,000 | PG Scholarship: INR 15,000

Prof. Siddique Hassan Memorial PG Scholarship

We have also introduced a new PG scholarship program called the Prof. Siddique Hassan Memorial PG Scholarship, named after the chief architect of the Vision 2026 project, for highly talented students from backward communities. This yearly scholarship program is intended to support and nurture young talents from the most marginalized communities in the country, and it will be awarded to 100 meritorious PG students to pursue their higher studies in premier institutes of the country. The scholarship amount is INR 30,000 per year.

Prof. Siddique Hassan Memorial PG Scholarship: INR 30,000/Year

APPLY NOW for UG & PG Scholarships 2022-23 by clicking the links below



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National Minority Talent Search Examination

HWF has been conducting NMTSE since 2011 to create awareness among the minority communities about various courses and programs offered by institutes of national im-portance and national and international level competitive and scholarship exams, as their performance in aforementioned areas is disappointing. We mentor selected students and make them capable of choosing appropriate career as per their skills, aptitude, and personality.

In 2020-21, HWF conducted NMTSE Mentorship programs in states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Jharkhand in which 1,114 students attended.

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Centre for Training and Academic Guidance-CTAG

CTAG is one of our promising projects which aims at providing and organizing career guidance and counseling activities and programs all over the country. The centre mainly focuses on marginalized communities in order to help them move forward in higher education and training. Different activities carried out by the center include:

Career Guidance and Counselling
Scholarship & Fellowships
Training Programs
Students’ Training and Empowerment Program

To visit CTAG website click:

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