Rukmuddin’s Shop of Hope

Rukmuddin’s Shop of Hope

Rukmuddin, 19, is a victim of teenage marriage – a common practice in Mewat, socially the most backward district of the country as listed in the NITI Ayog report.

He dropped out of school and got married at the age of 15 to a girl of his age. He lives with his widowed mother, wife, two children, and two younger siblings. He has been a wage laborer for 5 years out of necessity. Orphaned and poor Rukmuddin had no choice but to take responsibility of his family. He started doing menial jobs but his earnings were never sufficient.

He has 2 buffalos at home and sells the milk in local shops. In his last job as a water tanker When he approached the HWF for support through the local coordinator it was difficult to design a project for him as he was unskilled. However, he had a small piece of land at the roadside. Therefore, a small grocery shop was set up and initial stocks were filled. Now Rukmuddin earns an average of Rs. 350-400 per day which is more than twice his earlier wages.

“I was struggling with low and irregular or at times no income at all. My wages were threatened by the availability of work. Since the HWF opened this shop I have a source of regular income which brought certain peace in my life.” Rukmuddin

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