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Arman Zameer is 30 is years old self-employed youth from Ramgarh district in Jharkhand. He recently got married and lives with joint family. He worked as an aluminum fabricator (own business) and take cares of his 7 member family.

Zameer who has been self-employed since last 10 years lost his work and incurred heavy debt. He is also a victim of the Covid Induced lockdown. As per the findings of many studies, over three-fourths of small businesses in the country faced adverse impact during the covid-19 pandemic, with those in the manufacturing sector reporting more troubles, according to a survey. The survey conducted by data firm Dun & Bread Street has shown that 82% of businesses have experienced a negative impact during the pandemic year.

When the country slowly began to return to normalcy, Zameer expected to restart his work. But economic activities did not recover as expected. It had wide and deep impact on people’s spending habit. Moreover, his clients didn’t clear their dues. The lack of credit supply resented his business activities and thus the family was under economic distress. He was receiving credit-based order but could not complete the orders due to non-availability of raw materials on credit.

Hopeless and distressed Arman Zameer learned about livelihood support programs of HWF from social media. This rekindled his hope to rerun to his business and he approached HWF.

With the financial support from HWF, Arman restarted his business. He was supported with stockpiles of all required raw materials. Now he is earning a profit which is almost sufficient to support his family.

He wants to continue his studies and enhances his skills. Presently he is pursuing graduation through the open stream.,

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