COVID-19 Relief

COVID-19 Relief

The major focus of HWF during the Covid-19 pandemic lied on providing hospital facilities when the whole country was reeling under the shortage of hospital and ICU beds, oxygen, and ventilators. The existing multispecialty hospital in Delhi was upgraded and a 40-bedded Covid Field Hospital setup. One Oxygen generating plant was also set up and the mobile medical vans and medical centres provided round-the-clock service to fight Covid-19. Oxygen cylinders, concentrators, and ventilators were also made available in different parts of the country. The Covid Handholding Project, one of its kind initiatives, was launched to provide livelihood support to thousands who lost their livelihood due to Covid.

Covid Field Hospital in New Delhi

 HWF established a 40-bedded Covid Field Hospital in Jamia Nagar, Delhi in association with Aster Volunteers and AlShifa Multispecialty Hospital. The hospital was equipped with 100 oxygen cylinders, 10 oxygen concentrators, nebulization facilities, separate wards for positive patients, men and women without symptoms, nursing staff, and regular three-course meals for patients. All services at Field Hospital, including treatment and meals, were provided free to all patients.



Oxygen Generation Plant at Al Shifa Hospital

An Oxygen Generation Plant of Orlane 600 model was installed at Al-Shifa Multispecialty Hospital, New Delhi during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Plant consists of Air Compressor, Dryer and Filtration System, Air Receiver, Oxygen Generator, Oxygen Surge Tank.


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