Rampur Girl becomes Civil Judge with HWF Education Support

Subuk Muskaan, 23, a second year LLM student in AMU’s Law Faculty secured 29th rank in the last PCS (J) Exam and qualified to become a judge in Subordinate Judiciary. Cheerful Muskan shared her feelings that “it’s a beautiful achievement and may change socioeconomic condition of her family.” However, her journey to reach here was not easy. There were many constraints in her path, and financial impediment was one of them.

Hailing from a small town of Rampur district Muskan has faced multiple challenges in education journey. Her father died in a road accident in 2014 a couple of months before her High School Board exams. Being a daughter of a single mother and with three siblings she had to struggle to complete her education. After completing graduation, she got admission in LLM but due to limited sources of income faced difficulties.

The hardship made her strong and her father’s dream to see his daughter as judge kept her moving forward and now, she has become a judge. Muskan shares that “where there is a will there is a way,” as she received help from social organisations. She recalls that “in those hard times I applied for
Scholarship in Human Welfare Foundation. They have scrutinised my academic credentials, interviewed me, and then selected for their scholarship program. The scholarship money helped me pay my course fee and hostel fee.”

On her goal of life, Muskan said, she wants to bring behavioural change in the society towards helping accident victims. “People are hesitant to help accident victims on roads due to fear of police harassment, detention at hospitals, and prolonged legal formalities. And due to this negative attitude “we lost our father who met with an accident, but nobody came forward to help him in time.” She further resolves to bring reform where people can without any hesitation and fear help victims of accident. She also wishes to work for dowry eradication as she has witnessed this evil practice in her surroundings. “In my place Rampur, it is very prevalent. There are anti-dowry laws, but it is still prevalent. There is a status competition.” Therefore, I want work to bring positive change in the society, says Muskan.

A humble girl Muskan was graceful in her interview and expresses her gratitude to all those who helped her. “I am thankful to all people who helped me in my journey. I extend my gratitude to Human Welfare Foundation for their timely help and humane gesture.” | Subuk Muskan

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