Human Welfare Foundation (HWF), in collaboration with RailTel Corporation of India Limited (Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to carry out a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project aimed at promoting healthcare and women’s empowerment in selected villages of the Jalna District, Maharashtra.

The project will include two interconnected initiatives. The first will address menstrual hygiene in a few selected villages in Jalna District, while the second will run a mobile unit staffed by healthcare professionals to facilitate special online consultations and offline solutions for common people in selected villages.

RailTel Corporation of India Limited will provide funding support for the project, which will be implemented over a period of one year in six villages in the Jalna District, namely Chikali, Dalegaon, Kedarkheda, Loangaon, Chandai, and Rajur.

The project’s activities will include the formation of two self-help groups comprising 60 women who will be responsible for the distribution of sanitary napkins in the villages. The project will also create a source of livelihood for the women, sensitizing and raising awareness among young girls and women in these villages about the health benefits of the use of sanitary napkins, menstrual hygiene, and health-related issues.

The project’s goal is to empower people in the selected villages to address health and nutrition issues and set up income-generating plants for women. The project will focus on two areas of activity, namely self-help group formation for menstrual hygiene management (MHM) and tele-health medicine.

The project aims to provide infrastructure, training, health and medical facilities in Jalna District villages, promote hygienic menstrual practices among rural women and adolescent girls, eliminate stigmas and taboos related to menstruation, facilitate authentic information and guidance to reduce hospitalization, empower girls by addressing gender issues, provide comprehensive mobile health care services, and enhance the physical and psychological well-being of rural women. The project also offers free tele-consultations by an expert panel of doctors to all beneficiaries.

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