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  1. Only Quality Education Can Bring Change in Society: Dr SY Quraishi

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    • Prof K A Siddique Hassan Memorial PG Scholarship Distributed

    New Delhi: Have you ever wondered why all philanthropic activities start from the South and why North India remains behind? If Al-Shifa Hospital has to be built in Delhi, Prof KA Siddique Hassan Sb had to come from Kerala, said Dr SY Quraishi, Former Chief Election Commissioner.

    Speaking on the occasion of Prof K A Siddique Hassan Memorial PG Scholarship Distribution Function organized by Human Welfare Foundation, at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi, Dr Quraishi said that the most worrying fact is that today Muslims aren’t following the teachings of Islam. Islam’s first commandment was to read, but they are far away from education.

    Dr SY Quraishi was the Chief Guest on the occasion in which two major projects of Human Welfare Foundation under the aegis of Vision 2026 were announced.

    “Despite discrimination, if you are good at what you do, you will get opportunity and only quality education will bring that change. The practice of fictitious degrees in northern India is destroying generations. I am pleased that the Human Welfare Foundation has taken practical steps for quality education, which are proving fruitful,” Dr Quraishi added.

    Dr. Siraj Hussain, IAS (Retd) Chairman, Human Welfare Foundation, in his presidential address said that education as a sector has taken a hit in the last couple of years.

    Quoting the Annual Status of Education Report, he said that the enrolment in private schools has gone down due to financial crisis. This happened after many decades. Offline classes are yet to start in prominent universities. Quality of education is going to be big challenge in the coming times.

    “In my interaction with the students receiving the scholarship today, I observed that the students are all committed towards their academics,” Dr Siraj Hussain said.

    He wished the students willing to pursue civil services and journalism to show true dedication, which can only bring success. He also reminisced his association with Prof K A Siddique Hassan Sb and said that the scholarships and the newly announced projects are a glowing tribute to the great personality.

    H Abdul Raqib, Trustee, Human Welfare Foundation, and Chairman, Indian Centre for Islamic Finance (ICIF) addressing the gathering said that he had the opportunity to work with Prof K A Siddique Hassan for five decades in different capacities.

    “Prof. Siddique Hassan was an admirer of talents, and took them along and always paved way for them to serve the society,” H Abdul Raqeeb said.

    “Under the Vision 2026, he envisioned and established many NGOs. Professor Siddique Hassan’s dream was to explore the potential and immense opportunities in the community and make it beneficial for the upliftment of the marginalized sections,” He added.

    Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui, Trustee, Human Welfare Foundation, on this occasion announced the future projects of Vision 2026.

    A new award has been constituted for the NGOs and Social Engineers. The Best NGO and Best Social Engineer Award’ will be given to an NGO and an individual, selected by the Jury, who are doing well in social and humanitarian sector with a cash award of Rs. 500,000 and Rs. 100,000 respectively.

    Announcing the projects, he said, “Fifteen years ago today, under the leadership of Prof. Siddique Hassan, a whole team was formed and we have come a long way learning many things. The biggest achievement of Prof. Siddique Hassan was shifting the focus of South Indian Muslims towards the North and diverting the resources. He always said that only through changing the North, India can change.”

    Another important project which was announced today is an Academic Publication on the topic – Pragmatics of Community Empowerment in India: Contributions of Prof. K.A. Siddique Hassan. A national seminar will be organized in which researchers and academicians will present papers on various aspects of Prof K A Siddique Hassan’s interventions. The proposed publication will be an asset for the coming generations to understand and be guided by his life experiences and interventions.
    Twenty eight students pursuing various PG courses received the Prof. KA Siddique Hassan Memorial PG Scholarship. Human Welfare Foundation has launched the ‘Professor KA Siddique Hassan’ Memorial PG Scholarship to strengthen its educational activities and further expand the scholarship program. This scholarship will be given every year to the talented PG students in Humanities at national level.

    On this occasion, the CEO of Human Welfare Foundation, PK Noufal presented the performance report of the foundation.

    Janab Shafi Madni, Trustee, HWF also graced the occasion. Dr. Rizwan Rafiqi delivered the welcome address. Dr. Arif Nadvi, Manager, Health Services of the Foundation moderated the program and Saleemullah Khan, Sr. Manager, Education proposed vote of thanks.

  2. P V Abdul Wahab MP Delivers Prof Siddique Hassan Memorial Lecture

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    Kochi: Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) must work towards making vulnerable people stand on their own feet and make them independent, said Rajya Sabha MP P V Mohammed Wahab while inaugurating and delivering Prof K A Siddique Hassan Memorial Lecture and Scholarship Distribution Programme, organized by Human Welfare Foundation at Grand Square, Kochi.

    “Extending financial help to a poor man is of no help. There has to be initiatives to make them earn livelihood independently,” he added.

    “Efforts must be taken to identify minority welfare schemes and provide access to the deserving beneficiaries. Prof Siddique Hassan was such a leader who paved way towards such initiatives. Meeting him was a turning point in my life,” Abdul Wahab added.

    Presiding over the function, T Arif Ali, Chairman, Vision Governing Council and Secretary General, Jamaate Islami Hind said that Prof Siddique Hassan was the chief architect behind Vision projects including Human Welfare Foundation.

    “He was a visionary who could realize the projects he envisioned through dedication and determination,” said Justice C K Abdul Rahim, Chairman, Kerala Administrative Tribunal while inaugurating the distribution of Prof Siddique Hassan Memorial Scholarship.

    O Abdur Rahman, Chied Editor, Madhyamam expressing his views said that the country is going through an unprecedented crisis in its history with the values and idea of the nation laid down by its founders being challenged.

    The programme was graced by Mohd Jaffer, Treasurer, Human Welfare Foundation, Muazzam Naik, General Secretary, HWF, P K Naufal, CEO, HWF, P Mujiburehman Asst Ameer, Jamaate Islanmi Hind, Kerala, and M P Faisal, Kochi City President.

    P V Abdul Wahab MP, Justice C K Abdul Rahim and T Arif Ali distributed the scholarships to students selected from Kerala. Altogether, 100 students studying in reputed universities across the country have been selected for the scholarship.

  3. ‘ISTC’ Distributes Certificates to 150 Students

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    New Delhi: Organized by ‘Innovation and Skill Training Centre’ run by Human Welfare Foundation under Vision 2026 at Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, distributed training certificates to 150 students on completion of various skill training courses. This includes 150 candidates in nursing, computer and other programs.

    Rihan Khan Suri, Pro Vice Chancellor, Delhi Skill and Entrepreneur University graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. He appreciated this initiative of Vision 2026 and called it a very important step.

    Encouraging the students, he said that this initiative of Human Welfare Foundation is very important in fulfilling the goal of Skill India, especially with respect to girls who have obtained Nursing Certificates today.

    He said, “We have seen during the days of Corona, the huge shortage of health workers, the reason why the importance of such centers increases manifold. This initiative of Vision 2026 will prove to be a milestone in nation building.”

    On this occasion, T Arif Ali, Chairman, Vision Governing Council said that financial resources play an important role in the development of any society and it is very important to have skills for employment. We need to strengthen our society financially. The efforts of the Foundation is towards achieving the goal of eradicating poverty from the society.

    “A successful daughter is always a valuable asset to the entire family,” He added.

    The Employment Department of Human Welfare Foundation has launched a nationwide economic awareness campaign under which youth are trained in Computer, Nursing, English speaking, Dialysis Technician, Digital Marketing and Customer Care Executive.

    Also skill trainings are conducted in Goat rearing, Poultry farming, Mosquito net making, professional driving, and dozens of other fields.

    The Program was attended by PK Noufal, CEO, Human Welfare Foundation, Salimullah Khan, Education Manager, Vision 2026,  Zahid Hussain,  Head , Employment Department, and Noor Muhammad Program Head, Employment Department.

  4. Vocational Training Workshops

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    .We conduct vocational training workshops to help underprivileged segments of the society improve their technical skills, enhance their employability level and enable them for employment and entrepreneurship.

    In 2021, we organized four-day workshops for automobile technicians in Haryana, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan providing successful training for 90 technicians. HWF also conducted workshops in Maharashtra for solar electricians associating with NSDC providing training for 212 participants.

    In 2020-21, we organized a four-day workshop for two & three wheeler automobile technicians in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. 30 technicians successfully completed the training.

  5. Innovation and Skill Training Centre – ISTC

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    India is one of the youngest nations in the world with more than 54% of the total population below 25 years of age. In next 20 years, the labour force in India will increase by 32%. Skill development training will improve the employability level and will enable the youth for employment and entrepreneurship. Skill development provides employment and entrepreneurship opportunity for the youth.

    It is a fact that a gap exists between the academic curriculum and actual requirement in industry and other sectors. Skill development programs identify the skill requirement, plan and implement required skill development programs. Though self-employment is one of the solutions to address unemployment issues, if the youth are not educated and trained for the skill requirement, they cannot succeed in that.

    The objective of Innovation and Skill Training Centre is to help the community for employment and entrepreneurship.

    ISTC offers the most sophisticated and comprehensive courses for aspiring young men and women in India.

    ISTC Offer Skill Development Courses in Paramedical and Computer Science. We Have Approx 36 Courses in Computer and 10 Courses in Paramedical. ISTC Delhi is Delhi Largest Skill Training Center with great Infrastructure for the Students with all the latest Tool and Technology.

    For details, kindly click:

  6. Research Guidance Programs

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    We act as a promoter of research by motivating student to conduct research activities as well as a supporter of research by guiding research scholars through their research. Under Research Guidance Program, a webinar was organized in which 25 research scholars from different central universities like AMU, JMI, Hyderabad University, JNU and DU participated.

  7. CTAG – Talent Mentorship Program

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    CTAG aims to provide mentorship and academic guidance to a select group of talented minority students from class 9 till they start their professional careers. Around 25 students are selected on the basis of their scores in the National Minority Talent Search Exam conducted by Human Welfare Foundation and they will be provided mentorship and support till they fulfill their career aims.

  8. NVK – Sectorwise Activities

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    The major areas of intervention by Nagrik Vikas Kendras:

    • Advocacy
    • Baseline Surveys and Data Bank
    • Awareness Campaigns about Govt Schemes
    • Assistance in Acquiring Documents
    • Assistance in Filling Applications
    • Grievance Redressal
    • Training and Capacity Building
  9. Vocational Training Centres

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    Human Welfare Foundation’s skill development and vocational training projects aims at helping underprivileged segments of the society improve their technical skills, enhance their employability level and enable them for employment and entrepreneurship.  Such institutes are set up in most backward regions in the country. 

    HWF establishes Vocational Training Centres (VTC) and Skill Development Centres (SDC) to provide short-term job-oriented courses. These courses are designed to make youth especially from backward communities capable of securing decent jobs in various industries. Currently, HWF runs seven such centres in Delhi, Haryana, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, and Rajasthan.

  10. Self Employment and Sustainable Livelihood Projects

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    This program intends at supporting poor households with opportunities for income enhancement leading towards economic mobility. Under the program, we provide individuals and communities with training in small-scale skills and interest-free business loans which offer them dignified and well sustainable ways to make a living.

    During this year, we implemented 114 projects in the states of Delhi, Bihar, Assam, Jharkhand, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan providing livelihood means such as e-rickshaw, wheel cart, small business shop, service centre, production unit, goat farm, etc.

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